Billions of Shazams. Countless moments of discovery. Shazam brings a unique brand of magic to millions every day. As part of the product team at Shazam, I am collaborating with product managers, developers and other business areas. I am focused on the continued evolution of the product to fit the needs of both customers and the business.

Challenge 1

Designing for 140+ million users

Since I have started at Shazam, I oversaw and contributed to a lot of design changes and product implementations. I'm predominantly owning the iOS side of design, however, I also work across Android and watchOS. Most recently, I've been leading the redesign of the Track Page, the design of In-App Purchases and the redesign of Shazam for watchOS. I'm also working on the future groundwork for Shazam's AR features.

Projects shown in this case study are highly sensitive and protected, please do not copy or distribute.

Process 2

Ownership & flexibility

Working on multiple platforms and features requires the ability to both keep focus and switch instantly between projects if needed. I set clear deadlines and always reallocate resources when requirements change. Flexibility is key to my process. In my everyday work, I usually cover all phases of product design, from concepting and information architecture to wireframing, visual design and prototyping.

Standardising the Design System

Throughout my work at Shazam, I often discovered new elements that are frequently used across the iOS ecosystem and other platforms. I'm fond of organised workflows, therefore I have started to build a Style Guide and UI Kit from scratch. Putting together a page including all the agreed design items creates a visual reference for current and future designers. Such a UI Kit could be largely beneficial for any design activity at the company. Designers can rely on this resource which creates a more consistent workflow.

Track Page Redesign

The current version of the track page is a non-ideal compromise between business goals and user experience. The aim of this redesign is to create a synergy between the two that can contribute to a simpler yet more engaging experience. In the current design, most of the actions related to content are buried below the fold. The new page uses a swipeable, gesture-based horizontal navigation and makes the content sections visible. The play action and track title became easier to spot, while the artist image gives the page a great visual touch. Sharing and all the secondary user actions got decluttered and relocated. The design process for this page included several test phases to meet the changing requirements. Cross-checking with iOS and Android developers on the way is key for delivering an experience that can live on both platforms.

In-App Purchases

Shazam is identified as the primary source for music discovery. Music is a form of self-expression, speaking for us, shaping our identities. It can truly define our self-image. Companies that are taking advantage of personalised features and content in their apps are one step ahead. The app's home screen can be a great place for personalisation purposes. Shazam is planning to give this feature in the hands of its users by introducing an option to subscribe to different skins.

Showcased selection of skins are under copyright and can not be copied or distributed.

Augmented Reality

One of the biggest mental leaps to make with AR is that as a designer you now need to start thinking outside the phone. The structure of the real world, the types of motion that the phone might make, the other people nearby, the types of objects or sounds nearby all now play a part in AR product design. Shazam's AR experiences are focused on music discovery.

Shazam for watchOS

Smartwatches are becoming a permanent part of our digital toolkit. It can bring huge delight to digital healthcare and also has many more functional benefits. One of them is Shazam. With the new watch app, you can identify a song by a single tap, play it again or browse your history. The aim of the redesign was to give more focus to song artworks and to make the whole user flow smoother. Transitions and animations have been updated.

Final Thoughts 3

Expanding the music discovery experience

Music can be utterly happy or terribly sad. Music is often social but can be really lonely too. Music is all about emotions. Designing the experience of discovering music is a challenge worth all the effort. Pushing the boundaries in this industry can lead to amazing experiences that will change how we relate to music.

To be continued.

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