Spotify is rumoured to be interested in buying SoundCloud. Since I'm amazed by both of their product lines, I was inspired by the possibility of such an acquisition. They bring joy to their users in their own special ways. Music streaming is a highly crowded market, competition is getting even more serious since the emergence of other competitors. Let me guide you through how I imagine a combination of their products.

Problem 1

Both lack something the other has

SoundCloud focuses less on monetization and more on the community. SoundCloud Go's user experience has room for improvement, its design aims to be super clean at the expense of its functionality. In my experience, Spotify's dark interface happens to be divisive among female and male users. Also, contracts and licenses of record labels make Spotify less adaptable when it comes to altered content.

Thoughts you can read in this case study are based on my experience and research. They may differ from others' opinion.

Process 2

My design process for Mii

Through the merge of SoundCloud's and Spotify's features, a delightful and powerful platform could be born. Derived from my own aesthetic taste and personal beliefs of how this product should look and feel, designing Mii was a much more nonlinear journey than I thought. The process emerged from my research and experience using both companies' apps.

The stages of my process are Ideation, Product Strategy, Market Research, Features, Visual Elements, User Interface, Interactions and Prototype.

Market Research

I've made my research about Spotify, SoundCloud and the offering of their services. Collected information includes user base, yearly growth, revenue, public financial details, predictions and a competitor analysis of other products like Deezer, Apple Music, Tidal and Amazon Prime Music. The story below contains the basis for my thinking while the other link leads to the shortened version of my market analysis from 2016.

The article contains no strict data, only conclusions made from my experience and research.

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My concept is designed around 4 aspects of music streaming. Discovering new songs, artists, albums and playlists is an essential feature. A detailed My Profile section provides more ownership to the user. Identifying new music comes handy more often than I first thought. Shazam is doing a great job at this. Nonetheless, keeping data in-house would be extremely beneficial. My Music is a user's personalized music library.

Visual Elements

Putting together a page including all the agreed design items creates a visual reference for the product. This will also break a comprehensive document into more manageable parts. An initial and approximate colour palette can speed the process up dramatically.

User Interface

My aim was to make a balance between dark and light tones on the interface. Screens that include a list of elements have light colours while screens that have a clear focus on one element have dark colours that capture the user’s attention. Overlaying cards provide a natural yet unusual flow to access contextual information.


Motion can help a human being to communicate better with an interface. Animations can reduce cognitive load for the user. They make an interface feel tangible and realistic. The quick transition between the sound wave and still line contributes to a polished experience.

For the best experience on mobile devices please install the prototype on your home screen.

Solution 3

Delightful music streaming for consumers and producers

Music is a form of self-expression, speaking for us, shaping our identities. Being social in music streaming is not a choice, it’s a must. When I thought about my concept, the merge of SoundCloud and Spotify seemed to produce an ideal balance. Mii would be built around a more connected community where user experience would be seamless.

Behance project available.

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